Air New Zealand to Increase Passenger Capacity

Air New Zealand to Increase Passenger CapacityAir New Zealand is getting ready for more passengers.

The airline is enhancing its international traveler capacity for the upcoming Northern Winter season, by nearly 5% and its domestic space by less than 4%.

Deputy CEO, Norm Thompson, says that the firm is beginning to observe recuperation in air voyage, though figures are still well less than the pre-fiscal disaster surges in 2008.

He says that some routes in specific are revealing encouraging signs, with Queenstown capacity going up 88% over the same time last year.

On Tuesday, Air New Zealand said that it was growing the amount of seats available on its domestic and international courses as air travel begins to get better from the worldwide financial disaster.

Deputy Chief Executive, Norm Thompson said, "We are seeing a slow, but definite sign of a recovery from the reduction in travel in 2009, however these (bookings) are still 13% below levels in 2008".

The airline's capacity, signifying available seats and freight space room, would be raised from November, largely through more recurrent long-haul flights and an amalgamation of additional flights and bigger plane on shorter destinations.

Capacity on the San Francisco route would boost by 17.9%, on the Vancouver way by 7.9% and Los Angeles by 4%.