Organic market rise in New Zealand

Organic market rise in New ZealandThe exports of New Zealand organic food and beverages have amplified by $100million between 2002 and 2009. His is a great success marked by The Organic Products Exporters of New Zealand Inc (OPENZ). In 2009, the organic sector of the country has contributed a total of $485 million to the economy, as compared to $120million in 2007 and $70million in 2002.

Valuing now at $315million, has the domestic souk for organic products also grown. This has not only supported the country's economy, but also helped in building an image internationally as a country at the foremost rim of high value, sustainable food and beverage production.

Where, the country's chief organic foods only comprised of fruits and vegetables, exported at $85.8million in 2009; it has now also augmented to dairy products exported at $27.8million, and beverages valuing $16.9million, especially organic wine.

The main organic export markets of New Zealand are Europe and North America receiving 37% and 22% of organic exports. The third important market is that of Australia, taking in 19% of it. South Korea is seen to be a major destination market, despite of its new tough Korean national standards.

"Organic products represent a US$50billion international market, meaning that significant growth opportunities remain for innovative New Zealanders", said, OPENZ Deputy Chair, Dr. Michelle Glogau.


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