New Zealand Flights to London, on Time

New Zealand Flights to London, on TimeAfter the restrictions due to volcanic ash were lifted overnight, the Air New Zealand flights to and from London started to operate today as normal again.

It is for the second time, when London's air traffic authority has hoisted the threshold ash levels, under which, airplanes are considered safe to fly; even though Ash lingers over Britain's airports.

As the flight restrictions were imposed in the last month due to the ash that had caused massive disruptions across Europe; the same happened yesterday also, when volcanic ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull blew over Britain, intending to bring back the restrictions on air schedules.

The airports could have been shut down across Europe last month, due to the arrival of Eyjafjallajokull's ash cloud. But as an action, the planes were barred from flying, through even low levels of ash.

This restriction on flight schedules was eased yesterday, overnight and was proved by the departure of two flights last night, to reach London. Furthermore, no restrictions are now expected on the UK airspace.

"There is mounting evidence that aircraft can fly safely through areas of medium density, provided some additional precautions are taken. This is now what has been agreed", the service said.

Now, the areas with greatest ash density will be imposed with No-fly zones, as the third "medium" density classification introduced by the State.