Cold War Breaks Between Air New Zealand and the Listener

Air-New-ZealandReports claim that Air New Zealand has accused the New Zealand Listener magazine of having a deaf ear.

In the midst of a war of words and sign language, both the organizations have engaged in a cold war.

Reports suggest that one of the editorial’s in the Listener magazine questioned whether the airline was going budget on its international short-haul flights. It claimed that the sorry state was a move to be at par with the low cost carrier Virgin Blue.

The magazine said that the airlines of which every New Zealander was proud is in a shabby state and has become down market on its Australian and Pacific routes. It further accused the airline group of making profits by compromising on the quality and standards of the airline.

It further stated that the customers should be prepared that their wishes would be compromised on.

Responding to the comments of the magazine, Air NZ launched an expensive campaign of full page print advertisements in the popular publications like The Dominion Post, The Press and the New Zealand Herald. The New Zealand Herald and the Listener magazine both are owned by the APN.

Air NZ Chief Executive, Rob Fyfe said, ``We've worked bloody hard to create an airline New Zealanders can be proud of, and it really winds me up when someone gives us a gratuitous slap''.

Besides the print campaign the airline has also set up a website in order to counter the magazine’s accusations.