HTC files patent complaint against Apple; seeks to halt US sales of iPhones, iPods and iPads

Apple-HTCIn a counter-suit against Apple, the Taiwanese mobile handset maker HTC Wednesday filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington, alleging that Apple is infringing five of HTC’s patents.

Elaborating further, HTC specified that three of the patents being infringed by Apple are connected to a 1992 patent application – which was duly acquired by the 1997-founded HTC – and pertain to implementation of telephone directories within mobile telephone systems. The other two patents, related to power management, were issued in 2006 and in May 2010.

Via its complaint, HTC is requesting that the US sales of iPhones, iPods and iPads should be halted.

The complaint by HTC is essentially a retaliatory move against Apple which filed a patent infringement lawsuit against HTC in March, alleging that HTC infringed as many as 20 of Apple’s patents related to the iPhone – with HTC’s Android-based devices infringing on 5 of these patents.

Saying that the industry should be driven by healthy competition and innovation, offering the best possible mobile experiences to the consumers, Jason Mackenzie - Vice President of HTC’s North American operations - said that HTC has decided to take the legal route against Apple essentially “to protect our intellectual property, our industry partners, and most importantly our customers that use HTC phones.”


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