Top places to see in Singapore

Top places to see in Singapore

Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but despite its size, it has a lot of history. It is not strange to arrive in Singapore by chance for a stopover in a transoceanic return, and if this is your case, we recommend that you spend a few hours visiting it. However, the best thing you can do to get the most out of this city-state is to reserve a few days for the city, as there are many interesting places to see in Singapore. In our case, we made our visit to this tiny country coincide with the trip we made through Southeast Asia and, specifically, with our stay in its neighboring country, Malaysia.

The founding of Singapore is somewhat curious since its origin lies in the fact that it was a trading post belonging to the British colony. In 1965 it became completely independent from the British Empire and Malaysia. Singapore has become a city of the world, with a society that is a melting pot of cultures where practically all coexist in a magnificent way. Visiting Singapore is like taking a little trip around the world. In this post, we bring you a selection of the top essential places to see in Singapore, through which you will visit almost the entire world.


We always say that there are two possible situations the first time you enter Singapore:

● Newcomer from Europe
● Newcomer from Asia

In the first case, you will not even realize that you have changed continents ... in fact, you will believe that you have traveled in time instead of in space. You will wonder if the plane has gone through some kind of time tunnel or if you are part of some strange experiment because what is opening before your eyes is a city of the future.

In the second case, you will believe that you have unknowingly returned to Europe. Of course, you will not have any idea where exactly from Europe, but you will be totally in shock when you see the great contrast that exists between this small country and the continent in which it is located, Asia.

Today, Singapore welcomes people from all places. When you walk through its streets you can find any nationality. This new type of identity abounds here in Singapore due to the large number of foreign companies that have their headquarters in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

One of the most beautiful and photogenic places to see in Singapore is these gardens. Surely you have seen them countless times on Instagram and you have wondered where they would be because they are in this cosmopolitan city, how could it be otherwise. This botanical garden houses more than 500,000 botanical species and is a perfect oasis in the middle of this city full of tall buildings and modernity.

Without a doubt, the protagonists are the steel trees covered with plants that are illuminated at night in a spectacular way, although there is much more than this well-known and famous image. You will be able to visit several thematic gardens and you will travel the world through the flora of almost any corner of the planet.

Merlion Park

The Merlion statue is undoubtedly one of the icons of the city of Singapore. The statue that represents half lion and half fish and through which a jet of water escapes from its mouth is one of the most popular places to visit, you also have impressive views of the entire bay, including the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The leisure complex, designed by the Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie (known for the Habitat 67 project), has three hotel towers with 2,560 rooms, a convention and exhibition center, six restaurants, a shopping center, a nightclub, a Museum of Art and Science, two theaters and two floating pavilions. Despite this, the spectacular 150-meter infinity pool, located on the Sands Sky Park platform, is the star of the Marina Bay Sands, as it is considered one of the best pools in the world.

The Marina Bay Sands Casino covers more than 15,000 square meters of gaming space spread over four levels. In fact, players can enjoy more than 600 table games, with up to 13 different modes, and more than 1,500 slot machines. A wide variety of gaming options in a luxurious space that has one of the largest Swarovski crystal chandeliers in the world. Also keep in mind that if you do not wish to play at the actual casino, but would still like to enjoy some casino fun, there are a variety of online slots games you can enjoy.

Little India

This is one of the most colorful neighborhoods to visit in Singapore, you can't leave the city without touring Little India. As we have said before, in Singapore you can find a melting pot of cultures and the Indian community is one of the most abundant. Of course, on your visit to this neighborhood there is room to taste the delicious Indian food in the street stalls that you will find in an environment that will remind you of the Hindu country with its many temples and colorful buildings.

The highlights that you should not miss are:

● Temple of a thousand lights
● Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple
● Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
● Tan Teng Niah House
● Garland Store
● Tekka Market

Kampong Glam or Arab Quarter

The most recognizable of the so-called Arab Quarter of Singapore, or also known as Kampong Glam, is the Sultan Mosque. This mosque is another of the essentials to see in Singapore and, without a doubt, one of the most photogenic images of the city. Along with Arab street, one of the most commercial streets in Singapore, its golden dome stands out from the rest of the buildings. In short, in this neighborhood, you can enjoy a lazy day of shopping and walks among the best cafes and Arabic-style restaurants.


We continue touring the different cultural neighborhoods to visit in Singapore and it is the turn of Chinatown, which is obviously also present in this city. In practically every city you will find one and Singapore could not be an exception. As usual, there is a lot of atmosphere in this area, from the many restaurants and street food markets to the temples and the aesthetics of Chinese streets so common in the neighborhoods of this culture that make you feel in China itself.

Peranakan Terraced Houses

A whim for lovers of photogenic places since it is not easy or comfortable to get here. But if you are an Instagram fashionista, you will be tempted to go and admire these beautiful houses with a Peranakan-style terrace. Its pastel colors and the ornamentation of tiles and decorations of various animals will delight anyone.