Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming EQ electric cars to allow users to choose the sound they want to vehicle to make

Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming EQ electric cars to allow users to choose the sound they want to vehicle to make

Most electric vehicles (EVs) sound like nothing, but that is going to change in the future as luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz is working on a plan to offer the option to the buyers of its future EVs select some ‘good kind’ of noise.

The luxury car maker has announced that driving a car from its EQ family will offer a “multi-sensory” experience by allowing users to choose between a range of soundscapes and feedback sounds, thanks to the MBUX infotainment system that will allow the user to change the interior sound. Those who will like to run the vehicle without any noise will be simply able to select the “sounds off” option.

Currently, most EVs don’t make any kind of sound, creating a void; while others feature sounds pumped through the speakers. In certain cases, only the whir of the electric motors of the vehicle is heard. But, Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming family of EQ vehicles will feature good sound that the company’s sound engineers are trying to add to the vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz described the sounds that could be expected from its upcoming family of EQ vehicles, but it did not share any samples. The company said the sounds would be played over the speaker, corresponding to the position of the accelerator, energy recuperation, drive mode and speed of the vehicle. One can expect the noises to be louder and more dynamic in nature in the ‘sport’ mode. Over-the-air updates would lead to addition of new sounds. Thus, the driving and music enthusiasts will get enough choices to choose a sound that appeals to them and suits the occasion.

Besides enhancing interior sounds, the company has plans to make the exterior sounds more interactive. One will get acoustic feedback once plugged in, and it will also point to the charge state of the battery of the vehicle. This will use the vehicle’s exterior speaker, which otherwise generates the hushed hum, to alert pedestrians of its presence.

The manufacturer also published a gallery of images showing what is going on under the skin of its electric crossover EQC. The images revealed many enhancements, but the inner workings were highlighted by LED lights placed inside the body.

Mercedes-Benz is not the only car manufacturer working on a project to add appealing sounds to upcoming EVs. Last week, Audi, for instance, revealed that it was trying to find the correct sound for its future EVs.