10 pm COVID-19 curfew will negatively impact casino workers, warns BGC

10 pm COVID-19 curfew will negatively impact casino workers, warns BGC

The UK Betting & Gaming Council (BGC) has warned that the government’s plan to impose a 10pm COVID-19 curfew will negatively impact thousands of casino workers across the nation. The central as well as local governments of the European country are mulling a plan to impose curfew at 10 pm daily on businesses, including casinos and other gaming venues, in a bid to slow down the spread of the potentially-lethal corona virus. If the plan, which is currently under consideration, becomes a law, no casino would be able to open after 10 pm.

The BGC criticized the plan, arguing that it would be have negative impact on thousands of workers employed in the casino sector of the nation as shorter working hours would mean lower demand for workers, which would in turn force the employers to cut jobs. In simple words, the plan, if implemented, would result in a considerable number of job losses.

Pointing to the fact that British casinos see more than half of their business taking place after 10 pm, BGC Chief Executive Michael Dugher wrote a letter to the UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden stating that the curfew would only ‘devastate’ the casino industry.

Echoing Mr. Dugher’s views, Genting UK’s Paul Wilcock also warned that the blanket measure would force the gaming facilities to close their doors once again.

Representing the struggling industry, Mr. Dugher tried to assure the government that casinos were willing to take strict action to prevent people from gathering at one place inside the their properties.

Casinos across the UK play a crucial role in the country’s economy by providing employment to thousands of people and generating millions of pounds in the form of taxes for the government. The gaming facilities resumed operations in August following their months-long closure due to the corona virus pandemic. The prolonged closure of the facilities created hefty losses not only for the operators, their employees but also for the government, which lost a significant stream of tax revenue.

Mr. Dugher acknowledged the need to take action to help protect public health was of utmost importance. He also thanked the government for the support that it has provided to the casino sector in wake of the pandemic. Still, he warned that the blanket curfew would force casinos to close once again, resulting in thousands of redundancies.