Elon Musk outlines plans to establish self-sustaining city on Mars

Elon Musk outlines plans to establish self-sustaining city on Mars

With the successful testing of SpaceX’s Raptor rocket engine, the vision of Elon Musk of 1,000 passenger ships ferrying en masse to the Red Planet within the upcoming 100 years will come to completion.

On Tuesday, SpaceX founder Musk sketched his ideas and plans of establishing a self-sustaining city on Mars, packed with iron foundries and in fact pizzerias. He wished to make humans a multi-planetary species, and as per him such a thing is possible with the colonization of Mars.

Musk said, “I think Earth will be a good place for a long time, but the probable lifespan of human civilization will be much greater if we're a multi-planetary species”.

The owner of electric car maker Tesla Motors, Musk got a very warm reception at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. Many in the crowd were avid space buffs.

Presently, the focus of SpaceX is on satellite deliveries and space station cargo runs for the US space agency NASA and an upcoming crew capsule for the astronauts in the US. Though, its Falcon rocket has become grounded for the second time in 365 days due to devastating accidents.

While addressing the public, Musk dint talk about the September 1 launch pad explosion that led to the destruction of a Falcon rocket and its satellite.

Rather, he mentioned that SpaceX has already started work on the Mars Colonial fleet with the recent test firing of a powerful latest rocket engine dubbed Raptor. The system eventually may ferry people to Jupiter’s moons and beyond.

As per Musk, who founded the aerospace company in 2002, it would be a ‘super-exciting’ adventure to the Red Planet but also risky, at least for the initial some trips. The aim of Musk is to slash the expense so that anybody could afford to go, with a ticket costing less than a house on our planet.