Google’s Global Fishing Watch aims to combat overfishing and illegal fishing

Google’s Global Fishing Watch aims to combat overfishing and illegal fishing

Google will unveil its new satellite-based surveillance system that aims to change current situation on illegal fishing. Global Fishing Watch has been designed to keep a constant check to look out for those indulging in this trade.

The system has been made in partnership with Oceana, a marine-advocacy group, and West Virginia-based nonprofit SkyTruth. It would be a completely free platform that would prove useful for governments, journalists and citizens to keep a tab on around 35,000 commercial fishing vessels.

Illegal and unreported fishing, which is a big business across the globe, has proved to be quite difficult to be controlled. One of the main reasons behind the same is it needs constant check on traitor fishermen. But Google’s new system is aimed to change this situation.

Jacqueline Savitz, Vice president for US oceans at Oceana, was of the view that the system is going to provide them a lot of vital information on fishing. In fact, it would change the thinking with regard to how commercial fishing is being viewed.

The system works on the basis of a technology that uses public broadcast data from the Automatic Identification System (AIS). This system uses satellite and land-based receivers to keep a track of the movements of the ships.

But it shall be noted that not all fishing vessels display their location and in fact, vessels even switch off their trackers. As per Savitz, government would be able to use the data to monitor and implement strategies based on it in their waters.

For the past two years, Global Fishing Watch has been under development. Main aim of the new technology is to lessen overfishing in the oceans and to lessen illegal fishing.