Motorbike rider dies after crashing with car on Harris Stin Huntly

Motorbike rider dies after crashing with car on Harris Stin Huntly

A motorbike rider, who was travelling north-bound on Harris St in Huntly, has died after crashing into a car driving to the other side.

The police officials arrived at the scene eon Harris St, west of the Waikato River at 3pm on Monday. The officials said that the car driver was not hurt in the accident. The police officials have blocked the roads on Harris St and Glen Murray Rd and have placed diversions.

Officer in charge of road police in Huntly, Neil Mansill confirmed that the motorist was wearing a helmet. The police did not announce additional details of the person and only said that the investigations were under way. Some locals believe that the motorist might have hit a bump in the road but police did not confirm the assessment.

The family of the motorcyclist had been informed and were at the scene but the official identification processes hadn't been completed. The family was seen hugging behind the cordon. It is believed that the man had family ties in the town but did not live in Huntly.

The police officials are investigating the causes of the crash and have urged all motorists to exercise patience on the roads. The police used a drone to take pictures of the crash scene.


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