Labour ties up with Greens to change government

Labour ties up with Greens to change government

The Labour party has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Greens to work together to change the government in the country.

Labour leader Andrew Little called for a change in the government stating that Labour and the Greens have found a common ground to work together.Mr. Little said that Labour had a strong relationship with the Greens and this relationship has reached a maturity level that will allow the two sides to work together to change the government.

Mr. Little also confirmed that he will speak at the Green's annual conference next weekend. Green co-leader MetiriaTurei agrees with Mr. Little stating that it was time to change the government in the country. The Memorandum of Understanding between the two sides will provide clarity that was lacking in the earlier elections. Turei pointed out that a joint approach will help bring change in the government.

The MOU also includes an agreement to co-operate in Parliament and investigate a joint policy and campaign.Mr. Little announced that Grant Robertson would be finance minister in a Labour-Green government but did not announce additional details while Turei said that discussions over cabinet seats will come much later after the elections in the country. Many believe that NZ First might also play a role in the formation of the government next year. Labour is pooling around 30 percent supportwhile the Greens have been polling above 10 percent and NZ First just below for the elections scheduled for 2017.