English blames Auckland City Council for the housing crisis

English blames Auckland City Council for the housing crisis

Finance Minister of New Zealand, Bill English has said that the Auckland City Council is to be blamed for the housing crisis.The minister said that it is the council's responsibility to ensure infrastructure funding is available and not the central government of the country. He said that the crisis can only be resolved with a higher number of houses on the ground and soon.

He said, "That's the deal. They get to decide on how the city is planned. And they get to pay for the development. We've known about housing stress in Auckland for a number of years. It's why the Government has made some very direct statements about the obligations of the city council to change the planning rules, to enable more supply so we can get more houses. The only people who can agree to get the house built are Auckland City Council."

He said that the present rate at which completed houses are entering the market is at 40 houses a day, which is not enough. He pointed out that the government is required to work with the Auckland City Council to ensure that more houses enter the market.

Meanwhile, Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson has said that Government and council have a joint responsibility to fix the housing crisis.