Russell John Tully sent to prison for 27 years

Russell John Tully sent to prison for 27 years

Russell John Tully, the Ashburton Work and Income shooter has been sent to prison for 27 years, which is one of the longest sentences imposed in New Zealand.

Justice Cameron Mander has described him as "a very dangerous man" during sentencing in the High Court at Christchurch. The man was charged with shooting in cold-blooded executions. They victims were killed while they were defenceless and were working on their job.

Judge Mander said that more people would have been killed if they had not been able to fled the office during the day of the crime on 1 September, 2014. The criminal disguised himself and went to the office with a shotgun to take revenge on staff for a sense of grievance as he believed that he was unfairly treated during the few months. He had been trespassed from the office.

Tully used methamphetamine, cannabis, synthetic cannabis and drank alcohol before he moved to Ashburton. Justice Mander said that his testimony in court showed that he "didn't much care" about his victims. Tully had claimed that Crown's evidence and other reports were a "cover up".