Report Shows More Single Men Own Orange County Homes Compared to Women

A new study by RealtyTrac showed that there is more number of Orange County homes that are owned by single men compared to single women. The homes that the single men own are also comparatively costlier and more profitable than the houses owned by the women.

The study found that single men owned 20,593 Orange County homes and 14,608 were identified to be owned by single women and that's a stark forty one percent difference. The numbers are based on records collected by the online real estate tracker from April.

The Orange County homes owned by single men were estimated to be worth $563,017 on an average against the $521,453 for the residences owned by women. It again shows a gap of almost seven percent or $41,564.

RealtyTrac found same kind of ownership gaps even across the nation and the state of California. In California, 257,819 homes were identified to be owned by single men and the numbers were186, 438 owned for the single women owners marking a thirty eight percent gap.

The same thing was noted in the price gap of homes with single men and women owners with a difference of $455,320 vs. $439,706, a gap of three percent or $15,614.

Even nationally, 1.14 million single men owned homes vs. 1.01 million owned by women show a thirteen percent gap.