Corporate America’s Cash Pile Grows to $1.7 Trillion

Corporate America's cash pile is growing with the nonfinancial businesses in the United States holding $1.7 trillion in cash at present. Greater than one third of the amount is in the hands of only five companies say a report released by Moody's Investors Service on Friday. Almost three-quarters of the cash are held by the U. S non-financial companies which are put away in the overseas markets.

Five corporate including Apple , Microsoft , Alphabet , Cisco Systems and Oracle have $504 billion, or thirty percent of the $1.7 trillion cash and equivalents which the non-financial U. S. companies held in 2015 according to the report from Moody's.

The growing amount of corporate America's cash is becoming more and more significant for investors with the stagnating profit growth and stalling stock market. In 2015, the amount of cash that was held by the U. S. companies grew 1.8 percent. It's not all advantageous for the U. S. investors as seventy two percent of the total cash held by the non-financial U. S. companies is stashed abroad. The amount has grown compared to the two previous years as more number of companies is looking for escape routes to avert paying high U. S. corporate taxes.