Suzuki shares fall after concerns over possible economy testingfault

The shares of Japanese auto major, Suzuki fell significantly after some reports in the country indicated that the company might have found a problem with its fuel economy testing.

A media report said that the company has detected a problem with its testing method and Chairman Osamu Suzuki is scheduled to submit a report to the Japan's transport ministry today. Suzuki has not offered any comment on the matter but said that it will offer a media briefing today.

The report comes a month after Mitsubishi admitted that it had falsified fuel economy data for its vehicles. Following the scandal at Mitsubishi, the Japan's transport ministry had ordered all the automakers in the country to submit a report on their compliance with government testing methods. The minister had asked the companies to submit the compliance reports by Wednesday.

Mitsubishi had made a public admission that it has found evidence that its employees manipulated emissions test data. The fraudulent tests involved 157,000 of the company'sbrand light passenger cars and 468,000 vehicles produced for Nissan. Before that admission, Volkswagen had admitted to cheating emissions tests in the US. Authorities and it was found that the German car maker was installing cheating software in its diesel vehicles to pass tests fraudulently.