Postal service says dogs bit 6,000 on-duty mail carriers

The U. S. Postal Service has said on Thursday that the number of god attacks on mailmen have been increasing since the year 2014.

The postal service said that god bites rose to 6,000 mailmen in the country in the previous year. The Postal Service also said that in 2015, most of the attacks took place in Houston, San Diego, Cleveland, Chicago and Dallas during. The service has released a list of top

30 cities for dog atatcks on on-duty mailmen.

U. S. Postal Service spokesman Mark Saunders said around 6,500 employees were attacked by dogs in 2015 as they were on their route to deliver mail, which is higher than 5,800 in 2014. He noted that the Houston recorded the highest number of such attacks at 77 representing a 22 per cent increase in dog attacks in the city from the previous year. The number of dog attacks on mail carriers in Columbus, Ohio almost doubled in the year.

Saunders said in a statement that, "Dogs are protective in nature and may view our letter carriers handing mail to their owner as a threat. With more packages in the mail, our letter carriers are more exposed to attacks when they bring parcels to your front door."

The postal service advises people to place dogs in a closed room before opening the front door to receive packages.