New Zealander triple murder accused wants to change guilty plea

New Zealander triple murder accused wants to change guilty pleaA man from New Zealand, who is accused of triple murder in a rural town in Australia, has appealed to the court to change his guilty plea.

Ian Francis Jamieson, who is 65 years old, had initially had admitted his guilt on the first day of his trial on 4 April, this year.He pleaded not guilty to the murder but changed his plea the next day. He4 is accused of murdering Peter Lockhart, 78, his wife Mary Lockhart, 74, and Greg Holmes, 48 in Wedderburn, north-west of Bendigoon 22 October, 2014.

The murder was committed while Jamieson was living in a house between the Lockharts and Holmes. He allegedly stabbed Holmes during a fight on his property and then went to the other side of the road to murder Holmes' motherMary Lockhart, and his stepfather, Peter Lockhart. The cause of a dispute is believed to be dust on their rural properties.

In a new development in the case, he has sacked his lawyers and appealed to the court to plea to not guilty this week.Jamieson now has a new lawyer to act on behalf and will appear before the court on 5 May, 2016.