Amazon will Expands its Same-day Delivery to All Boston Areas

Amazon will Expands its Same-day Delivery to All Boston AreasAmazon said it will extend its same-day delivery service to all Boston areas. Although the company did not say what made it change the policy but most probably the move came after last week's reports by Bloomberg that revealed, the company excluded a primarily black neighborhood in spite of being in the heart of the city, from its service area.

The company also faces backlash from local elected officials. On Tuesday, Martin Walsh, Boston mayor criticized Amazon for leaving out the neighborhood of Roxbury from its service area. Indicating the area he said, "a hole right in the heart of our city" in terms of same-day delivery.

Last week, a Bloomberg News investigation highlighted that the same-day delivery service offered by Amazon was unavailable in certain minority neighborhoods in six of the big cities. That started the controversy and drew everyone's attention.

In case of Boston, Roxbury caught attention because the location is fairly central and stands in the middle of several areas where the company already offers same-day delivery.

Amazon says that its same day delivery service is deployed according to the number of Prime members in the area along with other data like distance from fulfillment centers. said it will soon launch its same-day delivery service in the controversial areas including one that is mostly has African-American residents. Amazon said it is "actively working with our local carrier to enable service to the Roxbury neighborhood in coming weeks."