Research shows full fat milk is better than trim milk

Research shows full fat milk is better than trim milk

A new research study has shown that choosing full fat milk is healthier than trim milk as it widely believed by many.

People have been advised to choose trim milk since several years believing it to be healthier as the reduced fat was believed to be healthier. It was found that the reduced fat could help avoid obesity in people. Two recent studies have shown that it may be time to reconsiderfull fat milkas scientists found that people who drink full fat milk are more likely to weigh less than those who drink trim milk.

The studies also found that people who drink full fat are 46 per cent less likely to develop diabetes than people who drink trim milk.  Experts have said that recommendations have been in place for decades advising people to avoid full fat dairy products and chose low fat or trimmed milk. Experts said that the recommendations were based on predictions around bone health and cardiovascular disease.

The researchers at Tufts University found in the new study that low fat or full fat dairy products did not have a major effects on risk factors for heart disease. The team studied blood samples from more than 3,300 adults that were collected over 15 years and found that people consuming higher levels of full fat dairy had a reduced risk of developing diabetes compared to those with lower levels.

Another study from Brigham Women's Hospital, Harvard University and Karolinska Instituteassessed more than 18,000 women from the Women's Health Study to determine the effects of full-fat and low-fat dairy on obesity and came to similar conclusion.