Scientists move a step closer to developing anti-ageing pill

Scientists move a step closer to developing anti-ageing pill

A team of scientists have said that they are now a step closer to developing ananti-ageing pill that could allow people to live a decade longer.

The scientists said that the efforts have reached a milestone as they discovered a key component of the ageing process. They team was able to identify Protein molecules known as GSK-3 that are responsible for shortening our natural lives and they believe that they could prolong life terms by switching them off.They said that experiments with fruit flies found that the molecule could be inhibited by low-level lithium use and this extended their lives by 16 per cent.  The research study has indicated that lithium or more likely another, similar drug with fewer side-effects can soon be converted into a pill to prolong life times.

Dr Jorge, who conducted the research at University College London and has since moved to Harvard University, believe that increased understanding of the molecule could allow researchers to prevent age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer and Parkinson's. The researcher said that the GSK-3-related anti-ageing pill is unlikely within the coming decade.

Dr Jorge Ivan Castillo-Quan, lead author of the study, said, "We're excited about GSK-3. It could mean that all sorts of diseases related to ageing could be prevented for the near future if it was to become a therapy starting in middle age. I think that's an even more exciting perspective than life extension. There's a lot of controversy about lifespan extension. But this also concerns extension of health. For example if this drug could delay Alzheimer's from the age of 75 to the age of 90 that would be extremely good. We don't necessarily want to live to 110 or 120 but we want to live healthier for longer."