UK plan to impose additional tax on sugary drinks

UK plan to impose additional tax on sugary drinks

The UK government has indicated that it is planning to impose an additional tax on fizzy drinks in order to fight the growing issue of obesity in the country.

The debate over the subject involved a host of parties including fizzy-drink producers, health experts, economists and think-tanks as well as the general public on the social media. Experts say that there is strong evidence from around 15 countries that have already introduced similar taxes, which shows that a tax on sugary drinks reduces consumption of heavily sugared products.

Some said that the sugar tax on drinks will not be effective as people might move to other sources and in fact people should be persuaded to cut sugar intake. Some experts said that a soft-drinks tax could actually lead people to consume more sugar. While others say that it is a step in the right direction to fight obesity in the UK.

The government is concerned over the increasing problem of obesity in the country. The World Health Organisation have warned obesity is on the rise and now there are more people in the world who are obese than there are those underweight.

UK finance minister George Osborne said, "I'm not prepared to look back at my time here in this Parliament, doing this job and say to my children's generation, I'm sorry, we knew there was a problem with sugary drinks, we knew it caused disease, but we ducked the difficult decisions and we did nothing."