Looking at other’s posts on Facebook may result in depression, study

Looking at other’s posts on Facebook may result in depression, studyA new study has shown that many people feel depressed while watching updates from their friends on social networking site, Facebook.

The survey, which included a total of around 6.9 million adults in the UK, showed that people feel depressed while looking at their friends' posts and comparing their lives to the posts. The study showed that more than half of users also felt pressured to use social media, around 56 per cent said they felt the need to post and share interesting content and engage with other profiles.

The study also found that the 18 per cent of users are only likely to post pictures if they think they look attractive in it and 7 per cent only posted pictures of themselves that are edited through tools. Around 10 per cent of the participants said that the felt embarrassed if a post didn't receive any likes, favourites, retweets or comments while 8 per cent said that they removed posts with no interaction.

The study showed that 8 per cent admitted that they were disciplined or sacked from work for inappropriate posts, 23 per cent argued with users on social media and around 17 per cent of the people left comments after being drunk and then regretted them.