Half of all diagnosed with Asthma are actually Asthma-free, experts

Half of all diagnosed with Asthma are actually Asthma-free, expertsHealthcare experts have warned that a very large number of people in the country have been misdiagnosed with asthma.

Pulmonologists and medicine experts in the country said that the as many as 50 per cent of the people, who are diagnosed with suffering from asthma, actually do not suffer from the condition. They said that the around half of all those labelled as asthmatics by primary-level physicians may actually have wheezing or coughing due factors including viral infection, allergy or tumour in the upper respiratory tract.

Doctors found that physicians have prescribed inhalers and even oral steroids to a number of people, who are believed to have been misdiagnosed. Experts said that it is concerning that people are using inhalers and even oral steroids for years without any improvement in their condition as they did not suffer from asthma in the first place.

Experts in India said that even though Inhalers have almost become a fashion accessory in western nations, the situation is different in the country as there are many people who are undiagnosed in smaller cities. They warned that the inhalers are very useful in treatment but when used wrongly, they ca have serious side-effects and said that the caution must be exercised while prescribing them and using them.