Some using surfing to fight depression

Some using surfing to fight depressionGrant Trebilco, the founder of One Wave, has opened up to tell his personal story to the world through his new post on the internet.

Trebilco begins by saying that the he has been hiding that he is suffering from depressing because he did not wanted to be seen as a person with issues and was embarrassed about the issue. He said that he reached a breaking point and had to leave a work presentation in the middle and then decided to go to the doctors, who prescribed anti-depressants that did not work. He said that in a week's time he landed at psych ward at Manly Hospital and stayed there for 10 days. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

His mom dad helped him get released from the hospital and then move back to New Zealand. There, he said, he started going to surf every day. He said that he uses surfing as a way to cope with his depression. He said that the idea of One Wave originated while he was surfing those days. One Wave is a not-for-profit surf community that includes surfing with fiends and the concept of Fluoro Friday. He said that Fluoro Friday is a morning of surfing with other people who have mental health issues so people could feel better and know that they are not alone. He said that the aim of the community is to give people hope they can beat mental health issues.

Trebilco proudly said that the One Wave has now been inexistence for more than three years and Fluoro Friday is now held at 60 beaches worldwide in various countries across the world.