‘Superheroes’ gather for Autism run

‘Superheroes’ gather for Autism run

A large number of people dressed in superhero costumes gathered at a park in the city to participate in the 'Superheroes Unite 5K Run for Autism' event on Saturday afternoon.

Organisers said that there were 3,000 guests at the second annual Superheroes Unite 5K Run for Autism and Buddy Fun Walk held at the Municipal Park. Around 1500 of those were registered for the race. Racers walkedaround the park's dirt path while children had a number of fun activities to participate in like carnival rides,faces painting and a game to smash ice-cream cones using Incredible Hulk gloves and many others in the park.

Crystal Garcia, who was part of Team Mario, the group that coordinates the event, said that the number of people participating in the event increased from the previous year. She pointed out that the crowd rose three times during this year. The activists are aiming to increase awareness during this year's World Autism Awareness Day.

She said, "It's just amazing to see that obviously our awareness and the things that we're doing in the community is really getting out there. That's awesome. We appreciate everyone coming out to support autism awareness, acceptance and joy and celebration of it."