Flint’s Mayor Announces Water Utility Billing will be Temporarily Suspended

Flint’s Mayor Announces Water Utility Billing will be Temporarily SuspendedThe residents of Flint have paid for drinking water which has exposed them to lead poisoning for almost two years but now there is some relief.

On Wednesday, Karen Weaver Flint's Mayor announced that water billing will be temporarily suspended for the residents of the city, which could extend for approximately one month. In the mean time the city authorities will chalk out a way to use the $30 million that it got from the State of Michigan for helping the Flint residents.

Last week, Governor Rick Snyder approved a $30-million plan to provide credits to residents. The Flint residents have paid one of the highest water rates in the country for a while in spite of getting water which has been contaminated with lead when the city switched its drinking water source to save money; from Detroit's water department to Flint River in April

The river water which was more caustic did not get proper treatment before being supplied to homes. In bargain it also damaged the protective water pipe coatings that leached lead into the water supply making it damaging for health.

Weaver said that employees are putting in efforts to "get accounts in order" and are also getting computer programs which will compute and apply credits to the water accounts of users from the date since the water source was switched till now.