Discovery to lead to individual treatment for cancer patients

Discovery to lead to individual treatment for cancer patients

A new discovery by scientists in the United Kingdom might soon lead to individual and tailored treatment for cancer patients.

Experts said that the major discovery might lead to personal treatments for patients with advanced cancer and it might go into trials within two years. Researchers said that they have identified the rare "flag" proteins that act as immune system targets and are displayed on the surface of all of a patient's tumour cells anywhere in the body.

Researchers said that the tumour cells are shielded from the immune system or are missed because of rapidly evolving cancers that have constantly changing targets. After the omnipresent proteinsare isolated, the researchers can use potent immune system cells called T-cells as homing missiles to attack and destroy cancer cells anywhere in the body. The treatment includes mapping the DNA in a patient's tumour sample. The treatment will overcome the problem of the ability of cancers to resist therapies by changing their genetic make-ups.Scientists have said that the work is at an early stage but it might go in trial within two years.

Professor Charles Swanton, from University College London's Cancer Institute, a leading member of the Cancer Research UK-funded team, said, "I will be disappointed if we haven't treated a patient within two years.Do we think it's going to work? I hope this is going to result in improvements in survival outcomes. If this doesn't work, I'll probably hang my hat up and do something else."

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