Some private clinics charging £750 for meningitis vaccines

Some private clinics charging £750 for meningitis vaccinesAccording to the latest reports, some private healthcare providers are charging as much as £750 to vaccinate children against meningitis B, possibly to cash in on the desperation of the parents looking to secure their children against the disease.

Health care experts said that the same three-dose treatment should cost around just £60 with in the NHS. Some parents are accusing medical centres of exploiting their desperation as there is a worldwide shortage of the vaccine Bexsero. All children under the age of one have been vaccinated on the NHS since the previous year but those born before May
2015 are required to pay for the vaccines.

Ministers have indicated that they will debate introduction of vacancies for the disease after 809,000 people signed a petition calling urging them to take action. The petition recommends government to make sure that all children up to the age of 11 get the Meningitis B vaccine and not just new born babies. It is the biggest petition of kits kind on government website.

The public support for the petition increased after a campaign showed photographs of 2 year old Faye Burdett from Kent and 7 year old Mason Timminsfrom the West Midlands, who died of the infection.