Ebola survivors may suffer from brain health problems

Ebola survivors may suffer from brain health problemsA new healthcare study has said that the survivors of the deadly Ebola virus may suffer from some kind of long-term brain health problems.

A team of researchers from the US said that patients who were treated for the disease were found to have neurological issues six months after the treatment. The most common problems included muscle pain, headaches, memory loss and depressed moods and some patients in rare cases were also suicidal.

The study comes at a time when the British nurse Pauline Cafferkey remains at the Royal Free Hospital in London for treatment of a "late complication" from Ebola. It is the third time that she has been treated in hospital since contracting the virus in December 2014 at a Save the Children treatment centrein Sierra Leone.

The study was conducted by the US National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The team studied 82 survivors in Liberia and found that most had some form of "neurologic abnormality" around six months after they were infected. The research will be presented at the annual meeting of American Academy of Neurology. It is a part of the wider effort to study the long-term health effects of the virus.