Record Profit for American Airlines in 2015

American AirlinesOn Friday, American Airlines reported record profits in the fourth quarter as well as entire 2015, mainly helped by considerable drop in fuel prices which counterbalanced lower revenues.

The biggest airline in the world said the earnings in the year accounted for the highest ever noted by any other carrier. Even this year, American expects to save a lot on fuel which is close to $2 billion.

The Zika virus spread by mosquitoes has become a menace in many of the Latin American and Caribbean countries and the government has warned pregnant women against traveling to the affected areas. However, American says that it is not expected to have any major effect on the traffic. However, the airline like many others said it refund or rebook for pregnant passengers who planned to travel to the virus affected areas. The zika virus has been connected to birth defects in Brazil.

Although the airline did not give any specific number of passengers who asked for a refund but according to the company's president Scott Kirby, "it has not been a meaningful number." According to Kirby, as the virus borne by mosquitoes and not transmitted through air on flights, there were no reasons of causing any damage to the airline's traffic.