NASA awards cargo craft contract to Sierra Nevada, SpaceX and Orbital

NASA awards cargo craft contract to Sierra Nevada, SpaceX and OrbitalAmerican space agency, NASA has announced that it has awarded its spacecraft cargo contract to three firms Sierra Nevada, SpaceX and Orbital ATK. The contract is expected to be worth billions of dollars and will provide an exciting business opportunity to the three firms.

Mark Sirangelo, corporate director of Space Systems division of Sierra Nevada Corp, was very disappointed when NASA decided not to include the firm's Dream Chaser, a sort of miniature space shuttle for a contract to transport people to Space. NASA had awarded the contract to Boeing and SpaceX and the future of Dream Chaser looked in danger.

The company did not let go and decided to rework on the space craft as a cargo carrier for NASA. Dream Chaser was a space plane designed for people but the company worked to turn it into a cargo carrier and won acceptance from NASA. After not getting the contract in the first instance, the company studied tis weaknesses and used their energy to rework on the spacecraft.

Sirangelo said, the Colorado-based division of the Nevada company "put their emotions aside and said, 'Let's look at all these things we've been told and make sure we address every one of them."

NASA announced on Friday that Sierra Nevada joined SpaceX and Orbital ATK in winning the contract. NASA had awarded at least six flights to the station and this validates the company's approach and its technical ability.