Wikipedia Turns Fifteen!

Wikipedia Turns Fifteen!Since the time the first article appeared on Wikipedia fifteen years back on January 15, it has become one of the most vital and relied-upon source when people look for facts. Jimmy Wales founded the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia in 2001.

Wikipedia turns fifteen and to celebrate the occasion, volunteer editors all over the world are gearing up with themed cakes and edit-a-thons that are intended to fill up the gaps in some of the topics which are not appropriately covered.

The website is one of a kind which is kept buoyant through donations and the effort put in by thousands of volunteers. It can also be said that Wikipedia has usurped authority from the traditional sources of information like Encyclopaedia Britannica or the reference books in geography. Most people now turn to the Internet looking for facts and figures.

Currently, Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website worldwide and the leading source of reference. Though once it was ridiculed for its stance of allowing anybody to edit it; Wikipedia articles features as the topmost article in most of the search engines like Google and Bing.