Federal Aviation Administration Said on Wednesday 181,000 Drones Have Been Registered Till Now

n Wednesday 181,000 Drones Have BFederal Aviation Administration Said oeen Registered Till NowOn Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said, about 181,000 drone users have already registered their flying machines after the rule was initiated two and a half weeks ago that required registration of the recreational as well as commercial drones.

Drones are becoming ever popular with the hobbyists which often have lead to chances of freak accidents. Keeping safety and security in mind, the database, aims to keep an account of all recreational drone users whose machines weigh between a half pound and fifty five pounds. The database helps in keeping a tab on the machines and boosts owner's accountability when they use the remote controlled flying machines.

The AAA announced in November that all drone users have to register their drones. The database, costing $5 a user keeps a track of user's names, home addresses and also email addresses. The users are also supposed to mark their drones with the registration number given to them by the F. A. A. for the purpose of law enforcement.

According to the agency's estimation, 700,000 or more drones would be bought during the shopping season during Christmas. However, the agency did not give any figures for drone sale on Wednesday. It also did not mention the number of users who till now are yet to register their machines.