Drone Age Arrives at the Door Steps; FAA Gear Up with Rules

Drone Age Arrives at the Door Steps; FAA Gear Up with RulesDrones have been a hot topic in recent times, no matter whether it is the military drones operating in foreign countries or the issue of regulating the ever growing presence of private drones or the consideration of allowing commercial drones to fly in the United States.

It's an established fact that drones are an integral part of future technology that's about to be embraced by the entire world. Events in the recent past has reflects that the future is not far away!

Introduction of drone rules by the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration for the US in December reflects that even the government feels it's time to gear up for the unmanned flying machines.

The new rules introduced are somewhat strict and requires all drone owners including private as well as commercial, to register their flying machines with the drone database before maintained by the FAA.

People who are found to disobey the law sending their drones in the sky without registration will have to face harsh penalties which could from $27,500 to $250,000 along with a likely jail term too.

There are some small drones which will not require registration and the list has been put up already by the FAA. All other drones need registration before February 19, 2016.