Huge Pay Rise for Stephen Town, Auckland Council’s Chief Executive

Huge Pay Rise for Stephen Town, Auckland Council’s Chief ExecutiveIt's time to rejoice for Stephen Town Auckland Council's chief executive as he is getting a really good Christmas present, though not right during the time when he needs to buy his gifts.

The Auckland Council's boss is getting an almost ten percent salary hike taking it from $630,000 to $690,000. That's a huge $60,000 salary increase annually. It will be fixed for the next two years and will be effective from January 15, 2016.

Christine Fletcher, the chairwoman of the Auckland Council CEO Review Committee said that Town's performance in the last couple of years was reviewed and it called for the salary increase.

She said, "He is an experienced chief executive and had brought about some very positive changes at council. Mr Town's remuneration is aligned with the council's focus on providing sound financial stewardship and doing more with less without compromising customer service, community and citizens."

Though the salary increase looks to be a huge leap but it is lower than the amount recommended by an external review which suggested an average of $775,000.

Till now, Auckland Council is the biggest in New Zealand having 8500 staff and $42 billion worth assets along with almost $3.6billion yearly income.