Curiosity Grows Around Lending Site Used by Shoooter Syed Farook

Curiosity Grows Around Lending Site Used by Shoooter Syed FarookReportedly, Syed Farook, a San Bernardino shooter got $28,500 as loan through an online lender Prosper Marketplace Inc. about two weeks prior to a holiday party shoot out where he along with his wife killed fourteen people after opening fire at the gathering. Twenty one people were also injured at the incident.

The transaction has grabbed curiosity. However, according to sources close to the investigation, there is no identified suggestion that the amount of loan connects to this case and the couple to any foreign terrorist organization like ISIS.

A spokesman for WebBank, Terry Fahn from the company which lent the money to Farook, said the company "evaluates all bank loan purposes in accordance with legal specifications such as U.S. anti-terrorism and anti-cash-laundering regulations."

The site is a part of new generation online, "peer-to-peer" lending site which is a fast growing sector in the financial world making billions in recent years.

Prospective borrowers on this site are allowed to post their projects including home improvement, launching a business, personal expenses and even for consolidating debts.

The site helps to connect the borrowers with investors or institutions that are looking forward to fund. The credited money is then wired to the account of the borrower is about two days after the loan is funded from Salt Lake City based WebBank.