Auckland Residents Fined for Improperly Parking their Vehicles

AucklandSome residents of Auckland were angry as they were fined for parking their vehicles partially on the footpath at 2am.

When the residents woke up n the morning they found $40 parking tickets on their cars which were parked on two narrow streets in Orakei. According to the Auckland Transport department, it was simply enforcing law as it got complains of vehicles obstructing the pavement. Twenty seven car owners were fined for parking their cars overnight which were partly occupying the footpath.

Carmel Claridge , the spokeswoman from Auckland Ratepayers Alliance said the roads there are narrow, and the drivers should not have been penalize for allowing enough room on the road for emergency vehicles to get way at night.

She said, “If it is clear that they’re doing it to facilitate movement of traffic along the street, you might think it’s sensible just to leave the situation alone.”

According to her the traffic wardens should have used their judgment.

She added, “Whenever there’s overzealous enforcement of rules in a blanket fashion, you’re going to get problems like this arising.”

According to the transport department, owners of the vehicles were ticketed as their vehicles were parked facing the wrong direction and were illegally obstructing the footpath.