NZ Post Trimming Thirty Five Jobs And Migrating Staff to Auckland

NZ Post Trimming Thirty Five Jobs And Migrating Staff to AucklandNZ Post is shifting some of its jobs to Auckland. The state owned enterprise said that it plans to trim seventy one jobs in Christchurch call centre location and four in the Wellington call centre.

Additionally it said that forty new jobs will be created in Auckland. That makes the equation simple with thirty fife net job losses. The NZ Post said that this move will bring the Post and Courier Post call centres together.

The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union which represents the postal workers said that it has informed the staff at the Christchurch call centre of NZ Post that their jobs will be moving to Auckland.

An employee with the NZ post, Kay Currey said she along with the other staff were informed about closing of the Christchurch office and were told that the decision was purely based on the low employment rate of the region and was not connected to any loyalty to the company or performance based issues.

The workers were informed that the unemployment rate of Christchurch was 3.1 percent where as the rate was 6.9 percent for Auckland.  So, when chosen to close, Christchurch was selected over Auckland.

Kay Currey said, "I thought 'you have got to be crazy'. You can't make any business decision based on purely unemployment rates."