Come October and the Name of US Airways Will be History

Come October and the Name of US Airways Will be HistoryAnother U.S airline's name is about to become history soon, as American Airlines Group Inc. announced the timing of the final shutdown of the US Airways on Friday.

The curtain will be drawn in October and the last US Airways flight will take off from San Francisco at around 10 p.m. for Philadelphia on October 17. Thereafter the website of the US Airways be shut down and the kiosks at the airports will merged with the American Airlines.

In 2013, when the two airlines were merged it was decided that the carriers will continue to operate under its American name. Some memories will remain for a while as all the aircrafts will not be painted immediately with the logo and colour of American.

The last decade has witnessed many small airlines disappearing as mergers with bigger companies have erased names like Northwest, AirTran, Pan Am and Continental.

However, the main challenge that American faces now is to integrate the computer systems of the airlines in a hassle free way bypassing problems which plagued United and Continental when these merged their reservations systems few years back in 2012.