Radar Fault in New Zealand Delays Flights Nationwide

Radar Fault in New Zealand Delays Flights NationwideIn an extremely rare occasion, a radar fault affected flights all over New Zealand on Tuesday.

During the outrage, hundreds of flights all across the country were grounded, as pilots lost radar communication. Gradually, things came back to normal and the flights resumed in all locations.

Internal network failure at 2:41pm started the problem which lasted till about 4pm on Tuesday.

Lisa Williams, a spokeswoman for New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association said that the pilots who were flying when the fault happened would have lost communication through the radar.

She added that, however, communication with the air traffic control would be still possible with the pilots through the radio.

The radar system is managed by the Airways Corporation, and it said that the issue has been identified and it has "thoroughly tested the integrity of the system". As the problem was fixed and the flights were ready to resume, message was tweeted by the Auckland Airport saying that international flights will be departing first and some delays are expected.

According to Air New Zealand, around one hundred and sixty of its flights including domestic as well as international were disrupted due to the fault and passengers may face delays.

The airline said, "Flights are now departing but the backlog will take some time to clear."