SolarCity, is the First One to Offer Tesla Batteries to its Customers

SolarCity, is the First One to Offer Tesla Batteries to its CustomersOn Thursday, Elon Musk, unveiled his mush awaited "Powerwall" home battery and without any delay, is offering the money saving batteries already to the customers of SolarCity, who look for a backup option of power supply when there is a power outage.

On Thursday in a statement, SolarCity said that the battery "replaces noisy, dirty fossil-fuel generators with zero-emission storage technology." Musk, along with being the CEO of Tesla Motors, which has developed the product, also is the chairman of the solar supplier based in San Mateo.

Musk looks forward to expanding his realms beyond the electric cars and is now selling batteries that will power homes and businesses that look for a reliable source which is cleaner. The battery designed by Tesla can store power during the peak production hours and use it later at a much lesser cost of the regular electricity systems, says, SolarCity.

On Friday, SolarCity started to take orders for the Tesla batteries and expects that it will be able to deliver them in October.

Tesla Motors, foresee homes, businesses as well as industry implementing a new electricity storage system with its newly designed batteries which has the capability to store electricity for quite a long time.