Tesla brings new lithium-ion batteries

Tesla brings new lithium-ion batteriesVector has associated with Tesla in order to bring its home and business batteries to New Zealand. CEOs of both the companies were present at the Los Angeles launch of Tesla batteries, where it was said that this will lead to change the world energy market.

Tesla is working towards alternative energy generation and storage. The company launched new wall mounted batteries, which are just few among others that are designed to store home-generated solar or wind power.

The launch event on Friday had Vector's chairman Michael Stiassny, chief executive Simon Mackenzie and group general manager of development Brian Ryan as special guests. Tesla founder Elon Musk unveiled the new lithium-ion batteries and their prices start from US$3,000. Musk said that the batteries could help in better storage of renewable energy.

According to Musk, "What we'll see is something similar to what happened with cell phones versus land line where cell phones actually leap-frogged the land lines and there wasn't the need to put land lines in a lot of countries". Vector put efforts to strengthen this 'special relationship' with Tesla in order to provide the Tesla home battery to New Zealand.

According to Stiassny, some time ago, Vector recognized that the energy business was going to change.