Napping Ramp Agent Banned from Working on Alaska Airlines Aircrafts

Napping Ramp Agent Banned from Working on Alaska Airlines AircraftsEarlier this week when Flight 448 took off from the Tacoma International Airport in Seattle for Los Angeles something unexpected happened as the crew and the passengers could hear banging sound coming from the cargo hold of the aircraft. The airplane had spent only fourteen minutes in the air and had to return to the airport when it discovered that a luggage loading staff was trapped in the cargo hold as he had fallen asleep while on duty.

The ramp agent was not in any danger as the chamber was pressurized and temperature controlled but he got extremely scared and made frantic calls to 911.

The pilot of the Boeing 737 sent radio message to the air traffic control, saying that he wanted to make emergency landing.

All the commotion was caused by an employee of Menzies Aviation, that contractor handling the luggage loading for Alaska Airlines. However, from now on he will not get a chance to take a nap in the cargo hold of an air craft as the company has banned him from working on any airplane of Alaska Airlines.