New Anti Wrinkle Serum from Snowberry “May be the Most Effective Yet Known”

New Anti Wrinkle Serum from Snowberry “May be the Most Effective Yet Known”Looking younger with an anti-ageing serum may become easier with a new product developed by a company in New Zealand.

Snowberry, a skin care company based in Auckland, claims that it has developed an anti-ageing product with years of research that work better than the similar leading product in the U. S.

On Wednesday, the new anti-wrinkle skin care product from Snowberry went on sale. Greg Billington, the company's general manager said that the initial stocks almost got over by the day's end.

He also said that production is being increased and it is expected that the new face serum will also get a market in the US as well as China in a couple of weeks.

Snowberry says that it's anti-wrinkle serum "may be the most effective yet known." The product was created after a research of four years in partnership with the University of Auckland.

The serum has a stimulating new technology where peptides are delivered to the skin cells. The formulation was developed at the University of Auckland. It took four years to be developed by Travis Badenhorst, who is a doctoral student of the School of Pharmacy and was supervised by Dr Zimei Wu and Dr Darren Svirskis.