Solar Powered Plane Begins its Second Leg of Journey

Solar Powered Plane Begins its Second Leg of JourneyThe first ever solar powered plane started its trip around the world on Monday from Abu Dhabi with Andre Borschberg, the founder of Solar Impulse behind the wheels for thirteen hours.

The plane reassumed its journey on Tuesday after its first halt in Oman for lesser than eleven hours. The air craft began its day's journey early in the morning at 6:36 a. m. local time from the Muscat International Airport in Oman.

The stop in Oman lasted for a time which was just needed for maintenance and allowing the ground crew some rest.

The second leg of the journey has the venture's chairman and the co-founder of Solar Impulse, Piccard, behind the controls.

The dual pilots will take turns to travel the distance of 22,000-mile that will take a long time to be completed and can stretch over five months.

The next destination for Piccard is Ahmedabad in India, He will travel around 1,465 kilometers to get there in an estimated time of sixteen hours.

The $150 million, project backed by corporate is aimed at demonstrating what is possible by using clean, environmental friendly and efficient technologies.