Four of the Boldest Predictions of Elon Musk

Four of the Boldest Predictions of Elon MuskThe CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk is well known for his big dreams and bold future predictions.

Here are Musk's four predictions in the past four years which seem interesting yet outrageous.

On Thursday, it was not only the lacklustre earnings report of his electric car company that Musk forwarded. He also said during the earnings call that the market capitalisation of Tesla will be essentially the same as that of Apple is today's value by the year 2025.

He also said earlier that by 2021 he will send a man on Mars. That seems quite unbelievable as that is almost ten years before even NASA hopes to reach the Red Planet. During a video interview in 2011, Musk said the 2021 was the best-case arrival scenario of SpaceX to the planet.

According to Musk the ground transportation in America in the future will become completely electric. He thinks that in future the fossil fuel years will be remembered as we remember the steam engine era in the present day.

You will hope that his next prediction is far from being true because if he is to be believed we are just five to ten years away from developing a dangerous situation that pose the risk of artificial intelligence taking over mankind.