Frontier Lays Off Workers Replacing them with Outsourced Employees

Frontier Lays Off Workers Replacing them with Outsourced EmployeesOn Friday, Denver-based Frontier Airlines said that it will be outsourcing approximately 1,300 workers. Those employees who are laid off will be replaced with contract workers. The action will affect around one third of the total number of employees working with the carrier.

The low fare airline says that the employees could reapply for the posts if desired through the outsourced contractors.

Frontier released a statement saying that the action is "crucial for Frontier to successfully compete in the marketplace as an ultra-low cost carrier."

The carrier said, "Low fares are only achieved through low costs."

Todd Lehmacher, the Frontier spokesman said that the employees who are affected will be given a priority over others during interviews in case they wish to try to find jobs with the contractors.

The discount airline said it sincerely hopes that most it's laid off employees are able to win back their jobs through the contracts with the new partnership. It also said that in case the employees cannot find a job through the new contracts they will be given severance packages.

On Friday, the employees were issued generalized pamphlets by the airline which mentioned how to handle the distress of losing a job.