Georgia Residents Oppose Proposed $3.7 Billion Gas Line

Georgia Residents Oppose Proposed $3.7 Billion Gas LineThe proposal suggests the construction of a pipeline system worth $3.7 billion that will carry natural gas to Florida is not free from complaints. The residents of Georgia which also includes Ted Turner, the media mogul say that if this scheme is put to reality then they will face environmental effects while others will enjoy the benefits.
Spectra Energy Partners LP and NextEra Energy Inc. are looking for permission from the federal agencies to construct the Sabal Trail and the Florida Southeast Connection. It will be a pipeline which would stretch for about six hundred miles and would carry natural gas from a facility in Alabama through southwest Georgia, to supply fuel to power plants in Florida. In case this pipeline gets a green signal from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, then the system could begin its operation sometime in mid 2017.
The United States has gained from the expansion of its natural gas supplies, which as a result has helped in lowering the gas prices. It has also allowed utility plants to close coal fuelled facilities and opt for cleaner power plants that use natural gas instead. The mounting dependence on gas also implies that the customers would require a stable supply of the fuel. The developers say that the existing two pipes which serve the needs of peninsular Florida are currently functioning at an almost full capacity and there is a profound requirement for new pipelines.